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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our responses to some of the commonly asked questions about i-GP.
If you need still further information, then please contact us at support@i-gp.uk

FAQ sections:
Diagnosis and treatment
The team and safety
Registration and Data Protection

Diagnosis and Treatment

What conditions do you treat?

Please view the Start a Diagnosis page. This takes you through our list of treatable conditions.


What are the benefits of using i-GP?

i-GP is always available and ready when you are on your phone, tablet or computer. It is healthcare on your terms.

There is no cost or time involved for travelling to a clinic for minor ailments and common conditions. We appreciate the value of your time.

There is no waiting in crowded waiting rooms with other people who are ill.

It has been designed to work alongside the regular care you receive from your GP. It is not a replacement service for care provided by your own GP.

If we feel you are better being treated elsewhere, we advise you of this and why, completely free of charge. We filter all your responses to ensure you are treated safely. Your safety is our priority.

If we do treat you, then you are given a more detailed management plan about how to manage your condition.

We understand the limitations of the online/virtual platform so we only work within these limits. 

There is no video/webcam involved which can be unappealing for some people.

There is no subscription. You can access the service when you feel you need it, without being tied down.

It is considerably cheaper than most other online doctor services, you only need to compare the costs of other services.

i-GP is extremely patient centred and this is at the core of our beliefs. We always have your best interests and wellbeing in mind. It is designed and delivered by experienced and compassionate  GP's, who can appreciate the difficulties many people face in accessing good quality healthcare in a timely manner.

What if I don't feel better after the course of treatment?

We advise that you attend your GP for a formal assessment.

Do I need an appointment?

No - the service is operational 24/7. Treatment plans are formulated within 1 hour in about 99% of cases during our normal opening hours. 

Can I have my prescription sent to any pharmacy?

The private prescriptions are issuable by many pharmacies so you are not tied down to using a particular pharmacy. We feel that patient choice is important. We ask you to nominate a pharmacy, then we contact them to ensure they are able to process our prescription. We then arrange for your prescription to be sent directly to them. We contact you once this has been done. Sometimes if when a pharmacy is unable to process a faxed or emailed prescription then we may need to suggest an alternative. Please note that different pharmacies will charge varying amounts to issue prescriptions (in dispensing fees) and this can vary significantly. We advise you to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal. 

Can you diagnose and treat me without seeing me in person?

Yes - the minor illnesses we treat have been selected because they are treatable by the use of online medical questionnaires with a doctor reviewing the information. Often these questions are more thorough than seeing your own GP. We use a two-step filtering process. The first step uses intelligent clinical algorithms. If your answers during the assessment suggest it is more appropriate for you to see a doctor in person, then you will be advised of this and why. There is no charge for the service if this occurs.

After you have completed the assessment, the doctor will review the information you have provided and may need to contact you for further information if necessary. If the doctor feels that treatment is not appropriate or if it is not advisable through the online platform, then you will be offered a full refund.

What medications do you prescribe?

The common treatments are listed at the beginning of each medical assessment.

The medications we prescribe are the ones recommended in guidelines by the government and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Can I be treated for more than one condition at a time?

During the assessment, some symptoms may be linked like cough and sore throat. So in these instances, there is the option for you to give more information towards the end of the assessment.

The treatment plan will then incorporate all the information you provide.

If the problems are not directly linked then you will have to complete a different assessment for each.

What if I complete the pathway and pay for the service but the Doctor feels they can't treat me?

In these cases you will be offered a full refund. This is usually initiated as soon as possible the same day. You would need to allow at least 5 working days for SagePay to process it, however, it often occurs much sooner. Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Do you inform my GP of my Online consultation?

We would only inform your GP with your consent. We ask you to tell us if you would like your GP to be informed.

The Team and Safety

Who are the doctors?

Please view our about us page.

The doctors at i-GP are all NHS general practitioners with extensive primary care experience. They are all GMC registered with licences to practice and have been appropriately revalidated. The work they undertake for i-GP is in line with the work they do in the NHS.

How safe is the process?

The online medical questionnaire is reviewed by a GP who will also review your previous medical history, your regular medications and your allergies. It is very important that you answer each question truthfully and accurately. The diagnosis the doctor makes is arrived at in large part by your recall and description of the symptoms affecting you. The GP will use their clinical judgement and expertise to define your treatment plan. If they need further information, they will contact you to clarify.

The doctors will only manage certain conditions which have been proven to be safely and effectively treated online. The prescriptions issued are in line with the national guidelines.


Our patients are at the heart of our service and we strive to put them first in everything we do. Whilst we are proud of our record of high standards of service and low level of complaints, we also recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. When they do, we want to know so we can put them right as quickly as possible. We encourage our patients to tell us as soon as there's a problem so we can look into this for them. 

We always appreciate feedback from our patients, positive or negative, as this helps us to shape the way we do things in the future. We take all complaints very seriously.

If you have a complaint regarding our service, please use the contact us page to outline your concerns. Alternatively, you can write to us at our office address at 26 Kings Hill Avenue, West Malling, Kent ME19 4AE.

We aim to acknowledge any complaints within 3 working days of receipt. We aim to respond within 5-15 working days. 

Registration and Data Protection

When do I create an account?

You will be asked to register the first time you use the service. You may need to come back and update your information if your medical history or your medication changes. There is no cost to register with us.

What if I don't receive a verification email?

Please check your junk or spam folder. If you still don't receive an email then please contact us.

Can my partner also use the same account?

No - every person who uses the service will need to create a separate account for themselves. Your individual email account will ensure your safety and privacy.

I've forgotten my password - please help!

Select the register/login and follow the forgotten your password link. Follow the simple instructions and you will be able to update your new password.

Can children register to use the service?

No - at present the service is only available to those aged over 18 years.

How safe is the data that I provide?

All the information you provide to i-GP is stored on secure servers in the UK which are encrypted with the industry standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology which is the highest level of security available. We ensure that we maintain a variety of physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorised access. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Is my payment information safe?

The safety of your personal information is very important to us. We use an independent payment service provider, SagePay to process your information securely. Sage Pay is amongst the most trusted payment brands globally. We do not have access to your confidential payment details.

Do you share my information?

We do not sell or share your personal information with any unauthorised third parties. Please read our Privacy Policy for further information on how we use your data.