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Digital Health Accelerator



i-GP offers an innovative virtual care solution to the 60 million minor illnesses which are treated by the NHS every year.


Utilising branching logic based on NICE guidelines architected within image enhanced proprietary software, the i-GP Platform is a world first in its design and offers the highest level of online care.


Having joined the Digital Health Accelerator 2018, i-GP is partnering with the NHS to offer patients our world-class product -




Aiming to Save the NHS £1 Billion per Year

i-GP has innovated multiple new aspects to digital care for which we have received international recognition and multiple awards - 

i-GP fulfils the key aspects of the Five Year Forward View 

Faster access to care, more empowered patients and better outcomes 

i-GP has the capacity to save the NHS over £1 billion per year, equating to over 25,000 extra NHS staff and over 5.5 million extra work days.

We achieve this by saving 20,000 GP hours PER DAY across the primary care workforce.


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