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Press & News

30 December 2021


Fees have increased to £15 per treatment plan ( inclusive of private prescription ) as of 30/12/2021 to reflect increased operating costs. We hope to maintain this price point for several years to continue affordability for our patients. 

17 September 2021

Technology Innovation

Dr Noorpuri has been selected in the Top 20 Tech Innovators 2021

29 July 2021

Best UK Digital Health Provider of the Year

20 July 2021

Top 5 UK Telehealth Provider

19 July 2021

Corporate America Awards

Dr Noorpuri has been awarded UK Healthcare CEO of the Year 2021 by America Today 

18 July 2021

Survey Results

Sample Size Over 1,000 Results 

26 June 2020

GHP Awards

We are delighted to be shortlisted for the 2020 GHP Awards

15 May 2020

Healthcare CEO of the Year 2020

Delighted to announce that Dr Noorpuri has been awarded the Healthcare CEO of the Year Award 2020 from Corporate America Today

4 April 2020

Healthcare CEO of the Year

Delighted to announce Dr Noorpuri has been awarded Healthcare CEO of the Year 2020 by Lawyer International 

25 March 2020

Asian Voice

Dr Noorpuri speaks to Asian Voice about the impact of Coronavirus 

14 March 2020


In light of recent government guidance concerning the Coronavirus, we have temporarily withdrawn our cough pathway as a precaution. We want to make sure we are offering our patients a high level of clinical care and with the incidence of this viral infection increasing, currently, we do not feel an online format is the best way to assess patients with a cough and fever. 

28 January 2020

Global 100

We are very honoured to have been selected for the Digital Health Global 100 List for the third consecutive year. This list is one of the foremost technology award programmes worldwide celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship. 

24 January 2020

New Opening Hours

From 24/01/2020 our new opening hours will be as follows - 

Monday - Friday 9 am - 8 pm

Saturday - Sunday 9 am - 6 pm

10 January 2020

CEO Today 2020

Delighted to announce that Dr Noorpuri has been selected for the CEO Today Hall of Fame 2020

3 January 2020

Gamechangers Awards

Delighted that i-GP has been selected again as a Winner in the Gamechangers Awards 2020

14 November 2019

LaingBuisson Awards

Delighted to win the Primary Care Award at the very prestigious LaingBuisson Awards last night to cap an incredible 12 months for I-GP. To gain this recognition of industry excellence from a very distinguished healthcare judging panel is especially rewarding to the team to highlight the impact we make to digital care. 


When we set out to transform the patient journey we knew there would be many challenges ahead but our talent and tenacity has showcased enhanced levels of online care.


Regarded by many as the main Healthcare Awards event in the calendar, to receive the Prize from Jo Brand, originally a nurse herself, in front of 1,000 peers offers the highest recognition to the incredible work that our team delivers every day. To maintain a patient satisfaction score in excess of 99 percent at scale, is reflective of the decades of NHS service from the Founding team and the company spirit to transport patients to the doctor’s room in the safest, most convenient and cost-effective way. 


As I constantly preach to the team: “Always Believe”. 


24 October 2019

Leaders in Virtual Healthcare Technology

Very pleased to have won this award for our virtual technology

11 October 2019

London ABA Awards

Delighted to announce that Dr Noorpuri was the Winner of the Special Recognition Award at the London ABA

21 September 2019

Digital Entrepreneur Awards

Great to be a Finalist in the Digital Innovation Category at the DEA Awards in 2019!

10 September 2019

Global 100

Delighted that Dr Noorpuri has been named Healthcare CEO of the Year in the Global 100

9 September 2019

We are very pleased to be Winners again of Health Tech Company of the Year 2019 at the Gamechangers Awards. Dr Noorpuri was also named as Gamechanger of the Year 2019, the first time ever at these awards that an individual has won back to back accolades. 

6 September 2019

LaingBuisson Awards

Delighted to be Finalists at The LaingBuisson Awards - often regarded as the Oscars of health and social care. Now in their 14th year of recognising excellence, they are judged independently and objectively and last year received over 375 nominations. 

2 September 2019

Great to be a Winner again of the CEO Today Healthcare Awards following our growth and success over the last 12 months!

28 August 2019

Top People in Health

Dr Noorpuri has been named one of the most influential people in health in 2019 by Industry Wired Magazine 

14 August 2019

Best Online GP at Global Health & Pharma Awards

Delighted to be named the Best Online GP in the Global Health & Pharma Awards 

9 August 2019

London ABA

Great to be nominated by the Public and then to be shortlisted as a Finalist for the London ABA in the category of Disruptive Entrepreneur of the Year 2019!

1 August 2019

Net Promoter Score

One of the highest Net Promoter Scores in the digital healthcare space 

26 July 2019

Building Better Healthcare Awards

Delighted to be a Finalist for the Best Use of Technology (Primary/Community Care)

The Finalists have been recognised for excellence in technology deployment within the primary and community care sectors. Our submission showcases how our IT team and industry partners have worked together to seamlessly deploy technology so as to achieve measurable efficiencies; and how those deployments have been integrated for the benefit of staff and other users.

19 July 2019

Digital Health Disruption

28 June 2019

Total Business Global Award Winner

26 June 2019

CQC Inspection Result

Healthcare disruption is the Future for humanity, to utilise decades of tech experience to improve standards of care, maintain affordability and enhance access for patients all over the world.

I am delighted that i-GP has achieved one of the highest gradings from all the digital care providers scored by the CQC. 

We have worked tirelessly over the years to focus our service on fulfilling regulatory requirements for online care. Many regard the UK health regulator to be the most intense around the globe so to meet their high demands is a testament to our experienced management team and company ethos.  

We are especially grateful for the recognition to our leadership team who have been ranked Outstanding for the vision and commitment to the company mission: to create a dynamic and world-changing technology, to exhibit a daily passion and maintain the creativity to evolve, innovate and succeed.

30 March 2019

Top 5 Digital Service

i-GP was Rated a Top 5 UK digital care service by Bustle Magazine and received special praise for being the most cost-effective digital option in the UK market. Read the article here.

22 March 2019

Asian Business Awards 2019

Delighted to have been Runner Up for the Healthcare Award

12 March 2019

Expert Speaker

Dr Noorpuri was a keynote speaker at the Digital Health Technology Show 

25 February 2019

National Technology Awards 2019

Great to be shortlisted for Healthcare Technology of the Year at the National Technology Awards 2019.

With patients finding it increasingly difficult to get access to the GP, their health deteriorates as appointments can often take 3 weeks to materialise. Trips to walk-in centres or A&E often result in many hours being lost and are a major financial burden to the NHS. 

Patients become frustrated, the healthcare system becomes congested, stress is felt by all and satisfaction rates plummet.

Digital health offers patients a new and convenient route to care. Systems operate 24/7 and patients receive immediate access to a digital consultation whenever it suits them. At I-GP we are fully compliant with CQC regulation and have developed a Platform which allows patients free triage but also a prescription where necessary in under an hour from a pharmacy of their choosing. For the clinician, it is a streamlined encounter, reducing clinical risk and providing patients with extensive information on their condition to promote self-care and reduce the need for follow up visits.

The patients receive the treatment they need in a fast manner but also at a 65% cost saving for the NHS to the traditional face to face encounter. Doctors save time and energy which can be directed to more complex cases.

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock has publicly stated his desire to bring the best technology from around the world to the UK, but with great companies like the 8 shortlisted for this award not yet mainstream within the NHS, maybe he only needs to look closer to home to find cost-saving solutions which improve the patient experience of care. 


18 February 2019

HealthInvestor Awards 2019 Finalist: IT Innovator of the Year

Delighted to be recognised for our technology and IT Innovation as a Finalist for the upcoming Health Investor Awards. 

Focusing on producing outcomes which are beneficial to both patient and clinician, we aim to give patients fast and effective service but in a manner which is centred on safety and actually supports and engages the clinician. We believe that systems which supplement the doctor interaction with the patient will have the most impact in uptake from the medical profession. 

As one of our patients recently described - 

“Having the first time experience with an online GP service I was sceptical. Feedback from your CQC inspector within the report helped me make the initial decision. The service afterwards was great. Thank you.”

Changing the way patients access healthcare is a challenge but with the NHS Ten Year Plan centred on a Digital first format, we believe the time is right for a paradigm shift in service provision. 

Dr Noorpuri 

31 January 2019

Global 100

When i-GP set out, we wanted to help get patients access to timely care by creating a model which is clinically safe and has the potential to save a doctor’s time and NHS funds.


Today, these principles remain at our core, and we’re delighted to receive recognition for this, by being named a Global 100 Digital Health company by the journal of mHealth, for the second year running.


The areas of assessment included disruptive impact, technology innovation, effectiveness, execution of strategy and industry integration; areas we work hard at every day.


We have also been fortunate to treat patients who are passionate about the care they receive, offering invaluable feedback to help us hone our processes, continue to innovate, and meet their requirements.


We look forward to continuing this journey and further developing our service around the world.


Dr Noorpuri

17 January 2019

Innovation Award

Delighted to start 2019 with winning an Innovation Award, this time by CorporateLiveWire.

Digital health can be a challenging space to fulfil regulatory requirements and offer safe care for patients at a time access to the doctor is so difficult for so many. Primary care last year conducted 307 million appointments according to NHS Digital with about 50% conducted by GPs at a time the number of GPs has actually fallen 0.6% over the same period.

75% of patients want to see only the GP and 40% of appointment requests are for the same day, hence the reason GP surgeries remain under constant pressure.

Technology can help improve the route to treatment for patients, standardise the quality of care offered to ensure patient safety and relieve some of this heavy demand.

Dr Noorpuri

24 December 2018

Health Innovation Network

Read more about this story here

20 December 2018

Gamechangers Awards

Very pleased to be finishing the year on a high winning the Gamechangers Award for Health Tech Company of the Year 2018.

I would like to dedicate this Award specifically to my CoFounder Dr Aleesha Dhillon. Every successful set of Founders need complete synergy to execute the vision. Aleesha has been nothing less than a creative genius over the last few years, constantly finding innovative solutions to the challenges of digital care. From frontline service design to defining automation and helping develop our scoring networks, she has regularly multitasked in the workplace with an inspiring work rate and consistent results.

Although I also won Gamechanger of the Year for my individual contribution, I dedicate both Awards to Aleesha for her persistent drive and humility. Working with such great colleagues galvanises the mission and we all look forward to an even better 2019 for I-GP.

Dr Noorpuri


14 December 2018

UK Department for International Trade: Mission to Mumbai

Fantastic to be presenting I-GP to the Health Minister in Mumbai and the top C-suite hospital executives of the region.

12 December 2018

Delhi Future Tech Festival

Great to be presenting I-GP at the Future Tech Festival in New Delhi. 

11 December 2018

Healthcare Using AI

10 December 2018

Healthcare UK Trade Mission to Bangalore

Great to be in Bangalore with Healthcare UK on the HealthTech trade mission. 

5 December 2018

TiE Awards

Absolutely delighted to win the Chairman's Entrepreneur Award at the TiE Awards in Knightsbridge

4 December 2018

London & Partners

Working with the Mayor of London's Office to accelerate the use of i-GP across the capital and beyond

27 November 2018

Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

Delighted to be shortlisted as a Finalist for the inaugural TiE Awards in London 

19 November 2018

EuroSciCon Conference Paris

Delighted to have been the opening Keynote speaker in Paris for the EuroSciCon Conference discussing the I-GP Platform and results of treatment 

9 November 2018

Government Trade Mission to India 2018

Delighted to be selected for the UK Department for International Trade Mission to India 2018.

4 November 2018

Patient Feedback

30 October 2018


Very pleased to have been a Finalist for the UK-China Innovation & Entrepreneur Competition 2018, created following President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the UK a couple of years ago to usher in a “golden era” of commercial relations built on innovation.

22 October 2018

Dr Noorpuri UK Top 100 CEOs & Hall of Fame

Every year CEO Today Magazine identifies and honours the most respected companies and their C-Level executives who lead the way in their division. Our team collate votes and in-depth sector by sector research to choose the very best of the best among CEOs to reward and celebrate the leadership and strategic vision in the building, developing and growing of companies. To be inducted into the CEO Today Hall of Fame is a reflection of the most successful, innovative and forward-thinking CEOs in business today.

18 October 2018


Excited to be mentioned by Forbes in their article covering the new wave of technology in the NHS

17 October 2018

Innovation Awards

Thrilled to be shortlisted as Digital Innovation of the Year for the upcoming Life Insurance International Awards at the Waldorf Hilton London 

12 October 2018

Business Cloud

Congratulations to the team for being shortlisted from 85 applicants for the Tech for Good Category at the upcoming Digital Entrepreneur Awards as we continue our mission to change the way patients access healthcare around the world

6 October 2018

Zenith Global Health Awards

Delighted to have won the Innovation in Healthcare category and to celebrate the night with so many esteemed NHS colleagues, working tirelessly on the frontline of care.  

3 October 2018

Tech for Good

Very pleased to be a Finalist for the Tech For Good Award from the Digital Entrepreneur Awards and looking forward to returning to Manchester for the event 

17 September 2018

Working in Partnership with Digital Health London

12 September 2018

Digital Accelerator London

Great to be part of this year's cohort for the Digital Accelerator Programme 2018 as we prepare to work with the NHS to bring our award-winning service to the UK population maintaining our ethos of fast, safe and convenient care.

10 September 2018

CEO Today Healthcare Award 2018

Delighted to be the recipient of the CEO Today Healthcare Award for the UK 2018, but this is in honour of the team we have built at i-GP who continue to innovate, serve and drive the company forward.

31 August 2018

Survey Results August 2016 - August 2018

29 July 2018

TiE Awards

Dr Noorpuri: Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 Nominee

10 July 2018

Red Herring Europe Invited Nominee


Red Herring celebrates the top private companies in Europe for their accomplishments and unswerving commitment to innovation in their fields. The forum brings together the world’s best high tech innovators, venture investors and business decision makers.

11 June 2018

CogX Innovation Awards

Best AI Product in Health Nominee

31 May 2018

As seen in Daily Mail

Dr Noorpuri was recognised as the CEO of i-GP with more than 15 years of NHS experience

Patient Feedback

10 April 2018

Nominee - Future Digital Leader of The Year

9 April 2018

Emerging Star Award Nominee

eHealth Awards

Telemedicine Nominee

30 March 2018

Patient Feedback

1 February 2018

Arab Health Conference


Dr Noorpuri was an expert speaker at the Arab Health Conference discussing global digital healthcare 

8 January 2018

Global Healthcare 100

Pleased to announce the inclusion of I-GP in the Global 100: The list of the most innovative digital healthcare companies 

29 November 2017

Digital Health World Congress


Dr Noorpuri presented "The Future of Online Doctors"

1 November 2017

Runner Up

 Very pleased to have been recognised in the category of Best Healthcare App

25 October 2017

Digital Entrepreneur Awards


Shortlisted for Most Innovative use of Digital Technology 

12 October 2017

Patient Feedback

8 October 2017

Patient Survey Results Oct 2017

31 July 2017

FT Global Biotech Conference


Dr Noorpuri is a VIP Guest to the Financial Times Global Tech Conference

22 July 2017

Patient Feedback on NHS Choices

14 July 2017

Building Better Healthcare


Pleased to announce our shortlisting for the Healthcare App of the Year Award 2017

13 July 2017

Talent Unleashed Awards


Invited UK Nominee for this Prestigious European Award founded by Sir Richard Branson and the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak

27 June 2017

Financial Times European Health Summit 2017


Dr Noorpuri discussing the i-GP Platform and plans for international expansion 

23 June 2017

Healthcare Disruption

20 June 2017

Health Tech X European Convention


Discussed the uniqueness of the i-GP Platform 

8 June 2017

17 May 2017

HealthTechX European Meeting London 2017


Dr Noorpuri is deemed a leading international thinker at the cutting edge of Digital Health with his upcoming presentation at HealthTechX Europe 2017 


3 May 2017

FT Health Summit


Dr Noorpuri - Regarded by the Financial Times as a leading speaker on the digital transformation of healthcare 

World Summit Awards


Dr Noorpuri has been put forward for the expert panel at the WSA global initiative which aims to select and promote the world’s best in digital content and innovative applications

2 May 2017

UK Tech Awards 2017


Delighted to have been nominated for tech innovation of the year and tech CEO of the year awards 

6 April 2017

National News Coverage

National News Coverage

5 April 2017

BBC News Coverage

3 March 2017

Financial Times European Digital Health Summit


Looking forward to the FT Digital Health Summit where I will be speaking about the i-GP Platform

17 February 2017

IT Innovator of the Year 2017


Very pleased to announce our shortlisting as Innovator of the Year at the HealthInvestor Awards 

14 February 2017


UK Nomination for Microsoft Innovation Award with recognition for our instant access to care platform 

1 February 2017

Salus Digital Interview


Interview with Paul Budd regarding the unique i-GP service 

29 November 2016

Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Finalist


Very pleased to have been nominated for this highly decorated Award

24 November 2016

General Practice Awards 2016


Delighted to be a Finalist at the prestigious GP Awards 

9 November 2016

Paternal Postnatal Depression

20 October 2016

Fabulous Magazine PR Event


Great PR Event with the team from Fabulous Magazine discussing health & fitness trends

12 October 2016

Celebration Evening


A national event for recognising the efforts of special entrepreneurs in the UK

11 October 2016

Finalist LaingBuisson Awards 2016


Very pleased to announce Dr Noorpuri's shortlisting as Medical Entrepreneur of the Year for his creation of the i-GP Platform from conception to service and rapid market adoption 

23 September 2016

21 September 2016

17 September 2016

16 September 2016

i-GP Releases Innovative App

7 September 2016

Finalist IT Provider of the Year


Very pleased to announce the shortlisting of i-GP as the IT Provider of the Year with the prestigious GP Awards 

4 September 2016

3 September 2016

1 September 2016

15 August 2016

i-GP Explainer Video Released

14 July 2016

360 Leaders


Dr Noorpuri discusses the role of the CEO Academy at Octopus Investments in London and the mechanisms to employ in entering the US market

7 April 2016

13 March 2016

1 March 2016

17 February 2016

16 February 2016

Office for Boris Johnson London Mayor & Chair of London Health Board

"applaud you on behalf of the Mayor of London for dedication and commitment to improving the health of Londoners...

again would like to thank you on behalf of the Mayor for your personal contributions in diagnosing, treating and improving the physical and mental health of Londoners"

31 January 2016