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Weight Loss

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Overweight and obesity are terms that refer to an excess of body fat. The most common method of deciding whether you have a healthy weight is the body mass index (BMI). It takes your height into account.

  • BMI 18.5 -24.9     Ideal weight
  • BMI 25 -29.9        Overweight
  • BMI 30 and over   Obese

Government figures show that about 1 in 4 adults are classed as being obese. There is an increased risk of developing health problems if you are overweight or obese such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and heartburn.

Improving lifestyle factors such as increasing your cardiovascular activity and eating healthily, are the most important and effective ways to improve your health and loose any excess weight.

Some people may choose to use medication, but alone they are not an effective way to loose weight. They need to be combined with lifestyle changes.

Please visit the following site for further information on how to lose weight:


Common Symptoms

Common Symptoms of being overweight or obese

  • Tiredness and lethargy
  • Joint Pains
  • Excessive sweating
  • Breathless on exertion
  • Snoring
Common Treatments

Possible treatment we may be able to prescribe if clinically appropriate:

  • Xenical (Orlistat) 120mg - 84 tablets one tablet three times per day £31.63

Prices shown are cost price of the medication, taken from the British National Formulary 2016, and are given as a guideline. Pharmacies will add on a dispensing fee to this which will vary considerably, so it is worthwhile phoning around to compare prices.

Please visit the following site for further information regarding the medication:

Xenical - medicines.org.uk/emc/medicine/4417

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