Smoking Cessation Treatment

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Smoking Cessation

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There are about 10 million smokers in the UK. It is the biggest cause of premature death and preventable disease in the UK - more than the next six causes put together. It kills over 100,000 people in the UK a year and about half of all smokers will eventually die of a smoking-related illness.

Quitting smoking at any age provides both immediate and long-term health benefits.

Please visit the following site for further information regarding all the options available to stop smoking:


Common Symptoms

Common Symptoms

  • Difficulty In Stopping Smoking
Common Treatments

Possible treatment we prescribe if clinically appropriate:

  • Champix (Varenicline) 2 week Starter Pack £27.30
  • Champix (Varenicline) 4 week Continuation Pack £54.60

Prices shown are cost price of the medication, taken from the British National Formulary 2016, and are given as a guideline. Pharmacies will add on a dispensing fee to this which will vary considerably, so it is worthwhile phoning around to compare prices.

Please visit the following site for further information regarding the medication:


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