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Period Delay

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Some women may wish to delay a period. This may be if a period is due at a time that would be inconvenient; for example, on a special holiday, during an exam, etc.

Delaying a period cannot be guaranteed but the following usually works.

If you are taking a fixed-dose combined oral contraceptive pill (cOCP - often just called 'the pill') then simply start the next pack without the usual 7-day break.

Taking two packs back-to-back in this way is safe if it is done occasionally. You still need to have a 7-day break at the end of these two packets.

If you are not taking 'the pill' then a hormone tablet called Norethisterone can be prescribed.

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Common Symptoms

Common symptoms

  • Prevent menstruation
Common Treatments

Possible treatment we prescribe if clinically appropriate:

Norethisterone 5mg One Tablet Three Times Daily - Start 3 Days Before Expected Period And Continue

  • 30 Tablets £2.35
  • 60 Tablets £4.70
  • 90 Tablets £7.05

Prices shown are cost price of the medication, taken from the British National Formulary 2016, and are given as a guideline. Pharmacies will add on a dispensing fee to this which will vary considerably, so it is worthwhile phoning around to compare prices.

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