Why Choose Wellness?

'They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.' Andy Warhol

Disconnection in a connected world

Life is challenging for most of us in this world. Everyone, of course, will have their ups and downs, but many are just getting by instead of thriving. Fatigue seems to be affecting people at a younger and younger age, with poor eating habits being commonplace, and technology replacing the time that should be spent outdoors being active. Mental health problems and stress are common, with anxiety related problems and depression affecting many. People are becoming disconnected from themselves, living life in autopilot, losing touch with what is right for their mental and physical wellbeing. 

The busy world we live in

Many of us feel that we are living life on a treadmill, with so many things to juggle, continuously multi-tasking and having no real down time. Even when we do have a few moments, we may spend them catching up. Catching up on emails, social media, phone calls and television programmes to name a few.

We may feel tired a lot of the time, but use props to help us get through the day such as caffeine, sugary snacks, smoking, and alcohol. These just make matters worse and prolong the fatigue cycle. There is only so much of this type of strain a mind and body can take before something gives way under the pressure. This is when illnesses may appear such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches, hypertension, and heart problems.


Listen to your body

Your body is the best indicator of your health and general wellbeing, and can tell you so much if you listen carefully. It requires you to analyse your life, in detail by asking yourself the right questions. You may think you are ticking along fine, but a deeper look may make you realise differently.

Is there a problem?

Start by asking yourself these questions:-

  • Do I wake up feeling alert, rested, and full of enthusiasm for the day ahead?
  • Can I manage my day without caffeine or sugary foods?
  • Do I feed my body with enough water and with foods that I know will help it?
  • Do I feel calm and peaceful during the day, no matter what the day brings, such as when being stuck in traffic, running late, meeting deadlines, or having to deal with a difficult individual?
  • Does my mind feel clear and focused?
  • Does my body feel energetic and active instead of tired and sluggish?
  • Do my skin, hair and nails feel supple and nourished?
  • Do I have an absence of aches, stiffness, and pains?
  • Do I breathe in a deep and relaxed way, instead or shallow and irregular?
  • Do I spend real quality time with my loved ones every day?
  • Do I laugh and feel like I've had some fun every day?
  • Do I feel like I am productive with my time?
  • Do I feel connected to something greater than me, be it the Universe, God, a higher Self?
  • Am I able to sleep effortlessly and have a restful sleep?
  • Do I feel happy?

For many of us, the answer to a lot of the questions will be no. If that is the case for you, then know that you are not alone. It is never too late to start making changes, but these can only be initiated once there is an acceptance that improvement is needed.

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Disclaimer: This article is solely for information purposes. It is not to replace a consultation with a qualified health professional. It should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. The article is based on the opinions of the author who retains copyright. You are advised to make your own health decisions based on your research and alongside a qualified health professional. Please consult a doctor if you have any health concerns.

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